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<br>Ronnie Aldrich / Melody and Percussion For Two Pianos <p>Reviewed in 2012</p>

Ronnie Aldrich / Melody and Percussion For Two Pianos

Reviewed in 2012

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This Decca Phase 4 record from 1962 has Demo Disc sound of a sort on side one. Super Hot sonics coupled with the Super Phase 4 "jumping out of the speakers" recording techniques that were employed, mean that this is one LIVELY record!

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Sku # : aldrimelod_2012
Manufacturer : Decca LP

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The pianos can get to be a bit much, but when they are under control, the huge stage and the effect of all the percussion that jumps out of the soundfield is really quite something to behold. Zero smear on this side too, which is what makes it work -- the blunting of all those transients would quickly ruin the fun. Which is what happens on side two; the smear and hardness of the typical Phase 4 pressing are evident and spoil all the fun.

Try tracks 1,2,4 and 6; talk about immediacy and explosive dynamics!

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