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<br>Albeniz / Falla / Granados / Spain / Reiner<p>Reviewed in 2013</p>

Albeniz / Falla / Granados / Spain / Reiner

Reviewed in 2013

A distinguished member of the Better Records Orchestral Music Hall of Fame.

Spain has been an audiophile favorite for a very long time. Everybody should know it by now, what with both Chesky and Classic Records remastering it in the '90s, dismally of course, as neither of these companies showed the slightest sense that they understood how lackluster, if not downright awful, the products of their efforts turned out. No doubt Analogue Productions will see fit to ruin the recording the way they ruined Scheherazade.

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Sku # : albenspain_2230
Manufacturer : RCA LP

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