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Debunking the Pseudo-Audiophile LP

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Debunking The Pseudo-Audiophile LP

The Bad Audiophile LP is regularly subjected to the punishment it deserves from our merry band of reviewers here at Better Records We created this section to bring together many of these critical commentaries. We hope you find them both educational and enjoyable. Rarely do we conduct a Hot Stamper shootout without the relevant Audiophile Pressing being involved. With few exceptions (which are so unusual I can't actually remember the last time it happened) these head to head battles consistently leave the audiophile LP beaten and bloodied, making our point again and again, to wit:

The Audiophile's Choice -- the record that will do the best job of communicating the music through its superior sound quality -- is almost never going to be the one marketed to him as an Audiophile Pressing.

If you find this in any way hard to believe, we encourage you to read on. Better yet, try one of our Hot Stampers. They're guaranteed to beat the pants off any Audiophile pressing (however you define that term) or your money back.
More commentary along the same lines can be found in our section entitled Random Thoughts.

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