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White Hot Stamper

Joe Jackson
Night and Day

  (Item #: jacksnight_1703x) 

Our Price: $199.99

  • An amazing copy -- Triple Plus (A+++) on the second side and Double Plus (A++) on the first
  • This copy will beat whatever you play against it -- it's bigger, punchier and livelier than you ever imagined
  • From that opening big drum on 'Another World', you'll know this pressing has the Night and Day magic
  • Joe Jackson's masterpiece, Allmusic 4 1/2 stars: "...his blend of percolating Latin rhythms, jazzy horns and pianos, stylish synths, and splashy pop melodies uncannily feel like a bustling, glitzy evening in the big city."
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Super Hot Stamper

Joe Jackson
Body and Soul

  (Item #: jacksbodya_1705x) 

Our Price: $169.99

  • Only the third copy to ever hit the site and it's killer, with a Double to Triple Plus (A++ - A+++) side one and a Double Plus (A++) side two
  • Big, clean and clear, with far more bass than the average copy, this pressing gets this big band to sound like a Big Band
  • Jackson's 1984 release here has its sonic problems, but a copy as good as this one goes a long way toward fixing them
  • "Body and Soul uses some of the character of 1982's Night and Day album, but instead of splitting up the music into mild jazz, pop, and modern R&B, he decided to tackle one of the genres wholeheartedly, and in doing so he came up with a truly impeccable release."
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Joe Jackson - Balancing Night with Day

  (Item #: jacksnight_wtlf) 

Presenting another entry in our extensive Listening in Depth series.

There are basically four elements that go into the making of Night and Day: vocals; keyboards (mostly the piano); percussion (in the mids and highs) and rhythm (drums and bass).

No two copies will get all of these elements to sound their best. The trick to finding the hotter of the Hot Stamper pressings is to find copies of the album that reproduce these four elements clearly and correctly, in balance, and reveals their placement in a large, three-dimensional studio space.

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Joe Jackson - Night and Day

Our Shootout Winner from 2012

  (Item #: jacksnight_2012) 

A distinguished member of the Better Records Rock and Pop Hall of Fame.

This White Hot Stamper of Night And Day BLEW OUR MINDS by taking this great album to a whole new level! The sound is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, with superb clarity and transparency, shocking You-Are-There immediacy, and amazing weight and punchiness to the bottom end. The overall sound is airy, open, spacious, lively, rich, and full-bodied with unusually high resolution -- on BOTH sides. Fans of Joe Jackson should be sure not to hesitate on this one; it's one of the best sounding copies of Night And Day OF ALL TIME -- A+++ for side two, A++ for side one, and quiet vinyl throughout!

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Joe Jackson's Jumpin’ Jive

Get Rid of Grit and Grain The Right Way

  (Item #: jacksjumpi_advice) 

Jumpin' Jive is one of the clearest examples of an album where it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to make sure your stereo is running on good electricity before you make any attempt to play it. This is the kind of recording -- bright, full of energy -- that will bring most stereo systems to their knees. Of course, when you play a good copy and it really sounds good, it's a record that rewards all the time and effort you've put into your system.

So much of the aggressiveness, grit and grain that we hear in immediate, high-energy recordings such as this are really the fault of the electricity feeding the stereo, not the fault of the record or even the equipment used to play it.

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MoFi Half-Speed Mastering

A Technological Fix for a Non-Existent Problem

  (Item #: jacksnight_half_speed_bash) 

We do a lot of MoFi bashing here at Better Records, and for good reason: most of their pressings are just plain awful. We are shocked and frankly dismayed to find that the modern day audiophile still flocks to this label with the expectation of a higher quality LP, seemingly unaware that although the vinyl may be quiet, the mastering -- the sound of the music as opposed to the sound of the record’s surfaces -- typically leaves much to be desired.

Hence the commentary below, prompted by a letter from our good friend Roger, who owned the MoFi Night and Day and who had also purchased a Hot Stamper from us, which we are happy to say he found much more to his liking.

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Found : 6   Display : 1-6
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